The services provided in detail


Administrative, operational and para-legal activities to support the services of the credit area.


A set of processes carried out by specific, distinct teams dedicated to the individual types of credit and the related phases of the portfolio such as: Digital On Boarding, Past Due, UTP (Unlikely to Pay) and NPL (Non Performing Loan). The latter, in particular, are managed through the integrated Master Legal process – subject of a specific patent – of out-of-court, judicial and enforcement activities of the receivables.


Analysis and end-to-end management of credit portfolios to support the different teams and clustering of recovery out-of-court and legal strategies. The service is provided through highly skilled managerial, process engineering and legal teams.


Service of excellence in the field of Info Providing and Business Intelligence activities, through the provision of commercial information, cadastral, mortgage and chamber of commerce surveys and the provision of asset risk assessment and anti-fraud services in the instrumental leasing branch.


Legal advice and litigation management relating to debt collection and due diligence activities aimed at the purchase, sale and management of portfolios.



The services provided in detail


Coordination activities aimed at overseeing the various phases of management with the aim of ensuring the risk/return profile envisaged in the business plan adopted in the decision-making phase for taking possession of the property or credit. The service therefore provides for the implementation of the strategies of the supervised portfolio and the definition and periodic review of the operational plans and budgets as well as the definition and implementation of the property sales plan. At the same time, the protection of the risks related to the properties in the portfolio is guaranteed, thus ensuring the customer an optimal management of the evaluation process compatible with the resolution of technical and litigation risks, which may weigh on the property.


Integrated and innovative service that allows to maximize the sales of properties subject to judicial auction and anticipate over time the award of the asset and, at the same time, to minimize the depreciation of the asset itself that would penalize the recovery of the credit claimed.
The Auction Support service therefore aims to give visibility to the properties on the market and therefore attract potential investors by limiting subsequent reductions in the base auction value, in a logic of full process outsourcing, through (i) the publication of real estate ads  on  the portal dedicated to remarketing; (ii) the involvement of the Agencies in the activities of sponsoring individual assets through dedicated marketing with targeted advertising that are carried out in multi-channel mode, through the Web, DEM, BANNER, Phone Collection guided by geolocation criteria and sector of competence; (iii) an internal Competence Center of lawyers and engineers who provide specialized and free advice, essential to deepen the knowledge of all the steps necessary for the preparation of the documentation necessary for participation in the auction and the presentation of a bid.The IT platform, in addition to the iQera team, is available to our clients and affiliated real estate agents operating on the national territory and integrates perfectly with all the IT systems of third parties and customers, also providing a report and a dashboard to view the statistics on each real estate auction.


Technical support in investment interventions (for the purchase of credits and/or real estate), repossession of collateral (ReoCo and LeasCo) or credit management (monitoring of performing or impaired credit). As part of the knowledge and evaluation of real estate, iQera, through its network of certified technicians, offers due diligence and integration services and verification of pre-existing documentation, up to the development of technical/administrative feasibility studies. In particular, with this service, ownership, cadastral, urban planning and building compliance are verified, as well as plant engineering and fire prevention checks. The service is also enriched by the analysis and specialist verifications of environmental problems both due to the presence of materials to be disposed of and any polluting components.


Creation of an ad hoc IT platform for our customers aimed at containing all the documentation collected during the due diligence phase and the new one produced during the management phase (real estate file). This service therefore allows you to move, without interruption, from the management phase to the phase of sale or transfer in full control of the problems of the portfolio that the Customer has entrusted to the iQera team.


Management of the properties that the creditor has taken possession of through specialized vehicles, such as ReoCo and LeasCo, for the management of all the technical activities necessary for ordinary maintenance (active cycle and passive cycle of the property) and regularisation activities for any discrepancies that emerged from the due diligence carried out before taking charge of the property. This activity is carried out through a sophisticated IT platform that, in addition to the iQera team, is available to affiliated technicians operating on the national territory and to our customers. The platform, allowing the monitoring of the progress of the individual elementary activities necessary on the individual positions being processed, allows you to always have an indication of the status of the activities and the relative timing allowing you to produce in real time and dynamically the curves of feasibility of deed. The platform is also used as a documentary repository of the real estate assets, which are the subject of the transfer. This allows our customers to have control of their portfolio and therefore an efficiency in their ordinary and extraordinary disposal processes both in relation to individual assets and large portfolios subject to sale, disposal or transfer.


The iQera Italia team has been operating for several years in the real estate market and has acquired all the necessary technical-commercial skills to operate in the real estate sale sector, previously as collateral for mortgages and leasing. Over the years, our long experience on complex assets has allowed over the years to develop specific know-how for the marketing of this type of property. The team operates through a platform complementary to that used for the technical management of properties. This makes it possible to synergistically activate actions aimed at optimising time and facilitating the work of real estate agents affiliated with the Group. The team is also supported by the website platform where users can search through specific filters for investment targets. An App (iQeraRevolution) is also available for our Clients and our affiliated real estate agents to monitor the portfolio, the comparables and the sales made.


Provision of Full Investment & Asset Management Report on a credit or real estate as collateral. The aim is to provide from a technical, commercial and legal point of view the best recovery strategy and at the same time the best collateral evaluation strategy. The Full Investment & Asset Management Report can also be requested for the stranded phase to assess the best approach strategy with the debtor and, where possible, support the comparison in order to identify out-of-court solutions more favorable to the creditor and also allows to define an operational plan of actions to be implemented (Person/Action/Date) and monitored.


Valuation of real estate assets in compliance with the highest market standards that ensure maximum transparency, independence and professional objectivity (ISO 9001:2008 certification, ABI, RICS, Independent Expert accreditation). iQera Italia is equipped with an expert network that directly covers the entire national territory, composed of over 220 engineers, architects and surveyors with proven experience, who after a period of training on the IT platform developed by an internal team,  interacts with the iQera team that monitors and coordinates the activities of the network of evaluators and carries out quality control. The iQera team also has an important database available for its business that collects sales made by real estate agents affiliated with the Group. This allows the valuations to be enriched, in addition to the normal asking values, also with similar real estate sold values by type and position, transacted by the company’s partner real estate agents. Valuations are made both for individual positions and for portfolios for different types of customers. The platform developed by iQera also allows to industrialize the evaluation processes on large numbers while ensuring a high quality level of the service offered.